6 Ways To Deal With Spiritual Escapism

Spiritual escapism is a very serious issue. It is the avoidance of real life problems and issues by creating a false sense of spirituality in one’s life.

When we think about spiritual escapism, we picture a person meditating for long periods of time and reading lots of books about spiritual topics and avoiding social connections.  But there is much more to that than what I mentioned above.

The degree of spiritual escapism may vary among different people but the core of it is the same. Escaping the reality of one’s problem only makes the problem even more sticky. We may think of it as avoiding what we fear instead of facing it. And it is precisely what happens in spiritual escapism.

We can surely live but happiness is what we will lack. If we want to be truly happy we will need to overcome our avoidance.

Many times in life when we are afraid of something we become victims of our problems and we use spirituality to justify or cover up our victimhood in life. This is an unconscious behaviour which creates suffering and unhappiness. We also need to beware of this.

Also, spiritual escapism is not just about spirituality but also other fields like philosophy, psychology, science, religion, life and any belief systems.

There are some ways to stop this from happening-

  1. By facing the fear- This can be done by first identifying the fear by thinking and asking ourselves what we are avoiding. Then we need to face the fear.
  2. By asking if we have a false identity- A false identity or a role in life is like a label that we put on ourselves that is not necessarily who we really are. For example, if I say I am a spiritual person, then is it true? Is it really my true identity or true self? If it is not, then we need to stop using that label and ask why we think so, and if we are using it as an avoidance mechanism. Then we need to face the fear.
  3. By talking to people about the things we are too proud of- This can be a revelation. We can learn so much from talking to people about the things we are proud of. If there is a subject you are proud to know a lot about, then you are most likely going to find yourself in an argument with the other person. This is an indicator that you are being an escapist. So you need to be aware of that.
  4. By dealing with all your addictions- If you are addicted to something then you are most likely participating in spiritual escapism. This is because addiction is escapism. If you need help, you can find a doctor and get rid of the addiction.
  5. By bringing moderation to your life- Of course, I am not telling you to be average. I am asking you to do things in moderation except for the things you that are important to you in career and the healthy habits.
  6. By embracing boredom- Find a hobby that you are passionate about and do that when you are bored. That’s an easy and simple solution. Also, you may want to accept and feel the boredom and use it to fuel your creativity.

So that’s it. These are my 6 tips on how to deal with spiritual escapism.

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Love Is All You Need

Don’t let go of good times and let theBad ones know you feel fine
And wear your heart out on your sleeve
Love is all you need

Feel with all your senses
Make sure to let down your defenses
There’s just one way to make it seem
That love is all
Love is all you need

This is the lyrics from a song called “Advice” by Christina Grimmie.

love mother son

Love Is A Need

When we think about love, we normally think about something that we need and something that will give us hope and comfort and yes “love”. We cannot really define love unless we have experienced it first hand.

But love is not always comfort. In fact love can be difficult.

David R. Hawkins said that what loves us, wants us to learn. It’s in his book called “Truth vs Falsehood”. And who can be more loving than God.

God loves us. Maybe life seems hard but that does not mean that it is unnecessary. The struggles are necessary and God knows that.

By the way, you don’t really know God unless you have experienced it. So it need not be disputed about.

My point is that we all need love. Love is not a luxary but a need.

It is said that all of us want to find love. But actually we all need to find love.

Love Is Not Desire

Love is a need but love is not neediness. Also it is not a desire.

In his map of consciousness which is a scientific map of consciousness found after scientific research, Dr. David R. Hawkins shows us that Love is a much higher consciousness state than desire.

On a scale of 0 to 1000, Love is at 500 and Desire is at 100. And 200 is the division between states that can be said to be high conscious and state that are low conscious.

In fact Love is followed by Joy,Peace and Enlightenment, the last one being the highest level of human consciousness.

There are many misconceptions about Love. There is Love and there is the sense of love that is ego. Even I sometimes fall into the trap of confusing ego wanting from Love.

Love is unconditional. Truth and Love exists together. If there is no Love that means there is no Truth.

brothers friends love

Why Do We Need Love?

Why do we need food? Because we die if we don’t eat food.

Similarly if we don’t have Love in life then we become depressed and unhappy and in some cases the lack of love makes us want to end our lives.

What Can We Do To Have Love?

We can have Love by becoming higher conscious. We need to become aware of the Truth.

Unfortunately I cannot tell you the Truth because a)I don’t know and b)Truth cannot be communicated through words. But Truth exists.

If you realize that there is something greater than what we know of then that itself is a starting point of our realization of Truth.


Thus love is all we need. Of course we need to give value(to have money). But love(unconditional) comes first.

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Do you think you need love?

How To Do Meditation In 2 Minutes?

In this post I share my powerful meditation technique that I got inspiration from Eckhart Tolle’s “The Power of Now”. It just needs minimum 2 minutes to be done and it is very effective.


Meditation helps us in life when we feel insecure. When we feel like we are not good enough and we are very helpless. As Mark Manson speak about the ‘feedback loop from hell’ we tend to feel that way. When we get angry about being angry and we become sad about being sad.

If we just be present in the moment and calm the mind we would realize that we can be free from the feedback loop from hell.

There are many many types of meditation but the most simple and the powerful ones do not require you to follow any rules or steps or sit down cross-legged. It just requires you to be conscious.


Today I will show you the easiest way to be present in the moment.

This may be called a meditation but this isn’t exactly the traditional meditation that we know of.


First, let’s see what the term means. There are many definitions online which define meditation as thinking seriously about something for long periods of time or contemplating. But in experience I and many other great meditators opine that meditation does not involve thinking. In fact, it is to stop thinking that we do it.

Since mental processes are of many types and thinking is only a small part of the total mental process. If you are meditating, you are not thinking in the normal sense.

In Hindi meditation means Dhyana.

The Sanskrit to English Dictionary says-
Dhyana- appreciate, attention, meditate, contemplation, thought, reflection.

There are so many types of meditation, therefore there are these many and more definition of the word.

But the meditation that I want to share with you is not based on some idea or belief or steps or rules but our very consciousness.
And it is totally harmless.


Just be still and stay silent. And then be mindful and aware that you are here and that you are still. Then be aware of your thoughts.

At first, there will be no thought then after a while some thoughts will pop up and you may unconsciously suppress them but soon you don’t have to and you can easily be conscious of the thought.

You will realize that you are not thinking but that the thinking is happening on its own. Just be aware of all the thoughts that are coming up. You might want to keep your eyes half-open and let your eyes rest calmly.

So as you are aware of the voice in your head you will feel more peaceful and calm. It will happen.

Continue being aware of the thoughts or the voice whatever you call it. Here I am mainly talking about being aware of the sound of the voice.

I would recommend that you do it with your eyes open as I do it and it is easier to do this way. So you are not really thinking about images as thoughts but only the voice which is automatically thinking, judging, commenting on its own.

Continue this as long as you want to. I recommend starting for 2 minutes and then gradually increasing it to 20 minutes.

Thats it, it’s that simple.

Make sure you are not distracted and not uncomfortable. Wear comfortable clothes and be distraction-free.

You don’t need to do anything. Stillness will automatically do it for you. You can even do it with your eyes open.


To summarize the meditation is- just be still and be aware that you are here, and then be aware of the thoughts or the voice and you will feel more present and peaceful.

So that’s it.


Thank you for reading and please comment will you try this simple technique of mindfulness or meditation whatever you can call it. I call it ‘being present’ or ‘2 minute meditation’ as I learnt it from The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. And leave a like and share and definitely do subscribe.

For further reading- Does Reading Help You Grow?

Does Reading Help You Grow?

This will help you truely grow. The awareness of the present moment, the awareness of the true nature of oneself, the awareness of being aware, the awareness of what is.

We have often felt that we need to change and that we need to read more books on growth and self-improvement so that we can change. Although it’s a good decision sometimes the decision is not practical. Let me show you how.

Growth in socialization

adult cellphone cheerful

You decide you want to get good at socializing. So you start reading about socializing and social interactions.

You are reading and applying little tricks here and there. You have learned that you can say hi to a stranger. So you do that but most of them either just nod at you or smile. You don’t know how to start a conversation.

So you realize that you need to read books on conversation starters. But when you read and get good at starting conversations, you want to get good at keeping the conversation going. So you try that but then you want to get good at making friendships. So you read books about that.

But somewhere deep down you are not satisfied with yourself. No matter how much you grow you are never satisfied with yourself. You want more and more.

Then you also realize that you are not spontaneous in your socialization. You can talk to people but your conversation is not as good as persons who are good conservationists from birth.

You are just too superficial and not nearly authentic as the person who seems to be good at it from birth.

So you start thinking what do you do.

You then start thinking that God made you and them different and so you are not as good as them.

At this point you can do one of two things. Either quit reading about growth and applying it on yourself or asking youself if it was possible to grow as good and authentic as the good-conversationists-from-birth persons.

After all you have seen people who were have had amazing transformations. You also realize that your self-concept is holding you back from being authentic and spontaneous. And also in the process of learning from books you are becoming more and more superficial and not staying true to yourself.

You can choose the first option or the latter option. We are going to talk about the latter option here.

What Does It Take To Grow?


What is self-concept?

Merriam-Webster.com says-
1. the mental image one has of oneself

Google says-
1. an idea of the self, constructed from the beliefs one holds about oneself and the responses of others.

I agree more with the definition that Google provides.

So you must have heard that self-concept controls a person’s whole life. His behavior,habits and actions. It is so powerful that if we can change the self-concept we can get a person to act differently.

Self-concept is a very powerful thing.

But it is also a fact that this self-concept that we also call the ego is the cause of almost all our suffering. After all the beliefs that create the self-concept which is another belief are attachments. These attachments then are the cause of our suffering because we hold onto them. We become selfish.

My point is the thing that we need to deal with is not in the books but in us. We can learn a lot from books but to create the permanent change we need to turn inward and deal with the ego. If we want happiness then we need to become more aware. We have to raise the level of our consciousness.

Growth Through Raising Your Awareness


If one want to truly grow then it happens through raising one’s awareness.

Awareness means-

Marriam-Webster.com says-

  1. the quality or state of being aware : knowledge and understanding that something is happening or exists

Google says-

  1. knowledge or perception of a situation or fact.

I agree more with Marriam-Webster.com.

The awareness of the present moment, the awareness of the true nature of oneself, the awareness of being aware, the awareness of what is.

It needs no words. There have been many works to show a glimpse of this awareness. Tao Te Ching is I think the best example of a work that is close to what is really meant but I am not enlightened, so just trust the universe. Although all similar works are also the best.


So true growth can be had by raising awareness. And there are numerous number of ways by which consciousness/awareness can be raised. So that’s a good news.

A little practical advice from someone I know in life who is much like a guru to me would be calm the mind.For that you may read my article Why Its Important To Calm The Mind?.

Calming the mind has many benefits. For knowing that go to Actualized.org and watch the video Benefits Of Meditation.

This will help you grow. Meditation, yoga, reiki and so many other methods and other ways of raising awareness can be used. Just do your duty/work.

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I really appreciate you reading this blog post. Thank you!

Reiki and Medication

When you start thinking that medication is not helpful we can’t really confirm that statement.

If the medication is not causing any improvement then it is not helpful but if it is causing improvements and also it has some side effects then it is partially helping. We cannot deny that though.

If however we stop the medication when we see some side effects then its not a good decision. So in this blog post I will suggest a solution to the problem of medication and its side effects.

Supplement medication with reiki(don’t replace it)Now reiki is magical. It is truly magical. Why I am saying that it’s magical is because-

Firstly, it has no side effects whatsoever.

Secondly it can be done by self. You don’t always need to go to a reiki therapist for doing reiki.

Thirdly reiki is going to affect all areas of your life. From health to finance to relationships. That’s because reiki works on the 7 chakras on our spirit body.

I have recovered from depression and psychosis a result of doing reiki and I can tell you from experience that this magical thing called reiki works.

And it will work for you even if you don’t believe in it.

So it is that powerful. Its pure positivity. If you believe in the law of attraction then you will know the impact of what I am saying here.

Here is a soul level healing that will heal you totally as you practice it daily. You may find more help if you read my blog post “6 Things You Should Not Do When Mentally Ill”.

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We are already whole, we just need to surrender

We are whole. When we get better we realize that it was only just a bad dream, a nightmare which is now gone and we are safe and sound.

-Author(Anirban S.)

I know that there is nothing wrong with mentally ill persons. We are perfect beings who are created by God. We are whole even when we are suffering. No one can tell us that we have any fault because there is, in fact, no fault in a person who is mentally ill.

My pointis we are perfect beings. We may temporarily feel like we are suffering and that we are stuck and that we are being controlled by outside forces but that’s temporary.

We need to realize that we are whole. We are spiritually whole. We are just not aware of that. If we are can become aware then there would be so much suffering for us.

I have been to a hospital for mentally ill persons. I have stayed with other mentally ill persons who were my age and who were happy and cheerful and we had fun together, we used to play badminton and we were enjoying life.

But beneath the surface, we had serious problems. We were struggling on our own but together it felt as if we were normal. There was no judgement or envy but pure love and acceptance.

We were living and enjoying life.

But there was also a point when I thought I would never get better. That I will always remain mentally ill.

There was however times when I would go out and meet new people and play and make friends. And in those moments I was forced to come out of my mind space and be present in the moment.

Being able to get out of my own self-pitying and self-judgement has been the greatest thing that can help anyone who is depressed about being mentally ill. So we need to encourage that in everyone of us.

So there is defintely hope for recovery. Not just medication, or therapy but play, socialization with good and likeminded people is very important.

We are whole. When we get better we realize that it was only just a bad dream, a nightmare which is now gone and we are safe and sound.

We just need to surrender to the universe and do our duty as we are supposed to.

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6 Things You Should Not Do When Mentally Ill

6 Things You Should Not Do When Mentally Ill. They are the most fundamental things one should not do at this time for a faster recovery.


I had been mentally ill(psychosis) for about 3 years and now I have recovered because I discovered some things that one should not do when one is mentally ill. And I am going to share some of them with you.

Let’s go over the things that you should not do when you are mentally ill-

When the journey begins:

1.You should not avoid psychiatrists or psychologist– This is obvious and also more obvious in my case because when I was 15 years old I myself wanted to go to the psychologist and get treated. But there are others who don’t feel like going to the psychiatrist or psychologist.

But this is the most important advice I will give to you. You should always go to someone whom you trust for help. And most of the time they are the professionals.

They know your situation more than you know about it. That is because they have studied and treated many patients who have also had similar problems as you do. And they can help you to recover faster than if you did not seek their help.

Staying mentally healthy:

2. You should take medication properly if prescribed- This is I think the most dangerous pitfall that most people fall into because they don’t take the medications that are prescribed to them.

I can tell you through experience that you must take medications if they are prescribed to you by a professional. I used to resist using medication because I thought they had many side effects and that I would be a lab rat for the doctors.

But that’s not the truth. Medication can help you recover a lot faster and you can always change the medication if there are side effects but don’t stop the medication unless it is advised to stop by the professional.

There are many reasons why some of us refuse to take medications like Anosognosia(“The person is unaware of their illness and does not think they are sick”), alcohol and/or drug abuse, poor relationships with their mental health provider and medication side effects.

And there is good news. We can solve these problems. But we need to take the medications.

You must not stop the medication. Most of the time it leads to relapse of the illness. And worse, it may lead to suicidal tendencies.

I can tell this through experience because I had once stopped the medication for depression and I felt terrible. It was only when I got treated again and got back on my medication that I felt alright.

In this case, the period was about a month when I stopped the medication but the intensity of emotional suffering that I had to go through as a result of stopping medication was not too much.

So please don’t stop the medication in between intervals of check-ups. Do you know law of attraction? You need to think and feel good to get good things. And medication will help you think and feel good and also recover faster.

This is a very serious topic, so I will write more about it in a separate blog.

The role of The Law of Attraction:

3. You should not focus on mental illness-Focusing on mental illness is the job of the professionals and the doctor.They don’t expect us to do it. us. We need to have faith that we will get better.

Have you heard about the law of attraction? It’s the fact that what we focus on, we get more of it. It is a science which people have proven through their own experiences. So focus on the good things in your life- your parent’s love for you, your friends’ presence, going out to watch a movie and so on.

It may sound difficult but it’s not. In fact, it is easy to do. You just have to focus and bring your attention to the present moment and direct your attention to the positive things and relationships you have. For more information about the law of attraction, read the book “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne.

Importance of being happy in the present moment:

4. You should be present in the moment- Getting lost in thoughts about mental illness and other problems in life causes us to not being present in the moment.

I remember for so many days I would worry about mental illness and feel bad about myself. It was only when I started meditating and realizing the importance of being present in the moment that I really started to feel happy and good about myself and also I started recovering faster. Also,you can start a meditation habit.

Being present in the moment is the basis for all happiness. If you can’t be present then how can you enjoy the good things and relationships in life even if you possess them.

To learn more read my blog “How To Have Peace Of Mind?”

Getting the mind to rest:

5. You should play enough-When most of us were kids we used to go out to play on the playground or park. We used to socialize with other kids and make friends. As we grow older we become more self-focused and we keep ourselves very busy from work to home to social gatherings to work and so on. But we also sacrifice play.

We need to play more and go out and play some sports like volleyball, badminton, football, and so many other sports. This way we can be free and flexible with our egos and dissolve our boundaries for a few hours when we are playing and we need to enjoy life. 

What this will do is give rest to our minds. We will feel more relaxed and refreshed. So make sure you have enough play, because “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”.

Managing our emotions:

6. You should be confident-Don’t be ashamed if you are mentally ill. Are you ashamed if you have fever? No, right? So its just like fever except its in a different dimension.

I remember sometimes when I would sitting in the waiting hall to meet the psychiatrist, I prayed that no one would ask me what illness I was facing. But slowly as I began to socialize with others, I realized that they also had some other illness. Maybe not similar to mine but everyone has some problems in life.

So I became more open and not feel ashamed of my mental illness. This helped me to feel more confident about myself.

The Conclusion:

These are the six things that you should not do when you are mentally ill. There may be more things you should not do but more of that in another blog guys.

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