Habits : How To Start And Maintain A Habit?

This post is about habits. I think I have an insight into habits and I would like to share it with you.

I started meditation 3 years ago and I meditated daily for a year. And it totally fixed my videogame bad habit. And although I am not meditating on a regular basis today, I think that that habit of meditation made me more disciplined.

Right now I have the habit of reading for 2 hours daily. But this habit was made possible by me setting a commitment to read.

I also have the habit of following a routine everyday. And that is something that helps me feel secure and stable about my day.

Habits make our day easier. I mean even though reading everyday for a fixed amount of time is not easy but it is easy enough to do it everyday if I set a specific time and period for it.

So here’s what I face problems in habits. I think that it is tempting to think that I can read for 4-5 hours a day and then when I do it, I am unable to see consistent results.

Results like learning something new must be done consistently. I mean it is better to read 1 hour for 10 days than read 4 hours in one day and not read the rest of the 9 days.

So I would say start with a fixed period and condition. What I mean is- tell yourself that I will not do this until I do that. So if you want to meditate daily, do an agreement with yourself to not eat breakfast until you meditated for 20 minutes.

But if you missed it, then maybe you can do it later. But aim for that consistency.

Then just do it consistently using a routine. I recommend re-writing the routine again with specific actions.

So this is my insight on habits and how to start and maintain it. If you like this post, then hit the like button and subscribe to my blog. And as always stay awesome.

Author: Anirban Saren

I am a human being, Adivasi, student of life, T-shirt store owner, love to make videos and blogs, read and still in the making.