The Purpose Of Life

What is the purpose of life? I ask myself this question from time to time when I am not getting lost in some rabbit hole of beliefs and bad habits.

But honestly this is the most important question a human being can ever ask.

What is the purpose of life? And in this blog post I will give you my version of the answer.

Before giving you the answer let me tell you where my version of the answer is coming from. Who am I ? And why my version is of any value?

I have always struggled. From childhood to adulthood, From being bullied to starting my business, from being depressed to being fully happy, I have always found myself gravitating towards this one question- what is going on? It has led me to struggle and introspect and doing stupid things.

This question -what is going on? …is the most important thing to ask. I believe that my life is meant to bring to this world my insights about this question. To help people figure out life.

When I was in class 11 in school, I felt very lonely. I was holding a grudge against my previous school friends and I did not feel like I belonged in my new school. And something inside me told me to avoid school and contract because if this is life, I don’t want it. So I started playing video games and got detained for a year.

Something inside me pulls me towards this one question -what is going on? What is the purpose of life? And I am mad enough to follow that voice every time. That’s why you should listen to my version of the answer.

So the answer is-Doing the right thing.

Doing the right thing is the purpose of life. Knowing what the right time is of less importance than doing what feels right at the core of your being.

Love is one thing that is a perfect example of doing the right thing. Knowing if it is right is impossible but it feels right.

And love, oneness, goodness, kindness, happiness, togetherness, honesty, life, etc. are the right thing.

Anything that opposes the right thing is not the purpose of life and one must stop doing them.

My whole life is about being mad enough to follow the heart. I have been searching for the heart all along. I want to hear my heart more clearly and do the right thing.

The purpose of life is to do the right thing.

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Author: Anirban Saren

I am a human being, Adivasi, student of life, T-shirt store owner, love to make videos and blogs, read and still in the making.