The Purpose Of Life

What is the purpose of life? I ask myself this question from time to time when I am not getting lost in some rabbit hole of beliefs and bad habits.

But honestly this is the most important question a human being can ever ask.

What is the purpose of life? And in this blog post I will give you my version of the answer.

Before giving you the answer let me tell you where my version of the answer is coming from. Who am I ? And why my version is of any value?

I have always struggled. From childhood to adulthood, From being bullied to starting my business, from being depressed to being fully happy, I have always found myself gravitating towards this one question- what is going on? It has led me to struggle and introspect and doing stupid things.

This question -what is going on? …is the most important thing to ask. I believe that my life is meant to bring to this world my insights about this question. To help people figure out life.

When I was in class 11 in school, I felt very lonely. I was holding a grudge against my previous school friends and I did not feel like I belonged in my new school. And something inside me told me to avoid school and contract because if this is life, I don’t want it. So I started playing video games and got detained for a year.

Something inside me pulls me towards this one question -what is going on? What is the purpose of life? And I am mad enough to follow that voice every time. That’s why you should listen to my version of the answer.

So the answer is-Doing the right thing.

Doing the right thing is the purpose of life. Knowing what the right time is of less importance than doing what feels right at the core of your being.

Love is one thing that is a perfect example of doing the right thing. Knowing if it is right is impossible but it feels right.

And love, oneness, goodness, kindness, happiness, togetherness, honesty, life, etc. are the right thing.

Anything that opposes the right thing is not the purpose of life and one must stop doing them.

My whole life is about being mad enough to follow the heart. I have been searching for the heart all along. I want to hear my heart more clearly and do the right thing.

The purpose of life is to do the right thing.

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Feelings Are Overrated

Have you ever felt that you are living life but there is something missing? It’s not like you are sad or depressed, it’s like something is missing. I feel somewhat like that.

I am Anirban from India and I want to do big things. I am crazy and I like to think. The reason for this blog post is to talk you about phases in life when things feel different even though everything is alright.

Feelings are said to be overrated and I agree. But they are important indicators of what we are doing wrong. And I am a big believer in self-reflection. And I think feelings can help us introspect more effectively.

But I also believe feelings must not come in decision making. I myself fail to live by this idea but I that if I had not listened to my feelings, my life would have been completely different for good. I mean I would not have been able to recognize myself in the mirror.

When I say that I mean feelings play a major role in maintaining a false sense of self. And although it is not true for all situations, I think it is true for more situations.

And that’s why I think the dicotomy between purpose and survival is very confusing. Purpose tends to be emotional and survival tends to be more logical. When I want to make a decision based on thinking through something, I make the mistake of not taking action fast. I mean I tend to ask myself “What’s the purpose behind that?” and then when I start taking action, I am forced by my habits to change my mind to the survival mindset.

I am not perfect and I am trying to figure things out. The easiest way out seems to be just take action. But it’s not easy. As a leader it is important to have fierce belief and a sense of direction but it is not easy to do that when you have collegen and people over your head instructing you to live life their way.

I mean it not easy but I must stay focused.

Right now something feels like it’s missing. Maybe it’s just the mind but I have to take responsibility of that. At the end of the day I am the one who created my life’s circumstances.

I think the thing I want to give to you in this post is that Responsibility is what we must take for everything. Even if it is negative emotions or confusion or other people’s actions, we must take responsibility.

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Why Do People Give Up?

The answer to this question that why people give up will be found in this blog post. But before telling you the answer I want to show you an example so that you can understand the answer better.

I love reading books, especially books that have real life practical wisdom, in simple terms Non-fiction books. I have read a few books like The Sedona Method, Think And Grow Rich, The Richest Man In Babylon, The Six Pillars Of Self-Esteem, Mastery, Radical Honesty and many other books. But for every book finished I have 10 more books that I started but did not finish.

The reason why I did not, or more honesty, could not finish was because I gave up. I gave up persisting. And that’s why I did not finish them. There were many “reasons” like negative emotions, stress, underestimation of the efforts, procrastination and a lack of self-awareness.

Most of the books that I bought are really good books and even bestselling books. But they are not something I could make myself complete in the past.

Although I am still figuring it out, I realized that self-awareness is very important for success. This is because the negative emotions can be released if you are self-aware enough.

Also persistence is what makes success possible. There’s a book that I am currently reading and I am at page 196. The book is called “Psychocybernetics”. That book is amazing. But I could not finish it 2 years ago and it was only this month that I started reading. It shows that even if we give up, life offers a second chance and we have a choice to persist or settle for less.

I am writing these blogs because it gives me happiness to document my journey to success of Rs.22500,00,00,000 ruppees in sales in the next 5 years. I don’t know if it’s possible. But it’s my potential and I must aim for my potential. I don’t have a plan. I don’t have the money. I don’t have connections. But I must do it. It’s my duty.

To sum up I think people give up because they are not self-aware enough to persist. I know it’s not simple. You may be thinking what is “self-aware enough to persist” but please bear with me. If you keep following this blog you will understand soon.

In case you are new to this blog, I am Anirban from India. I have an ecommerce business and I have big goals. I am in college and I have friends. I am just like you. But I am not willing to settle for what everyone else are satisfied with.

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Connect The Dots Backward And A Quick Update

This post is an update for 27th November 2020. I am Anirban Saren and I am a college student from an Adivasi community with a history of being bullied and caste discrimination and I want to post an update.

My exams are going on and it will be over on 2nd December 2020. I also posted a video about my T-shirt business. I decided that I will take it to another level. I also realized the importance of constant self-improvement.

It was that day before exams that I was feeling confused for some reason. I felt like I was doing something wrong. I felt like I was making a decision that was bound to be wrong. I was about to quit. I was about to quit college and business and live a life avoiding life.

It was that moment, I don’t remember the exact moment but I heard my intuition say,”You can only connect the dots backwards.” It reminded me of Steve Jobs’ words.

It changed everything for me.

I think the reason why people become depressed and suicidal is because they try to see the future as being effected by the past. The truth is the past and the future have one thing that separated one from the other. “The Present Moment”.

And that’s what I want to tell you in this post. I had this realization and I wanted to share it with you.

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Truth Demystified: The Ultimate Mystery

What is the truth? You may have heard it in TV or magazines that there is some truth that exists that is eternal and what not.

But in this blog post I want to dispel all the mystery that exists in this spiritual seeking.

But first I want to explain why I am eligible for this. I have tried meditation for one year, gone deep in it, overdid it and become familiar with different schools of thought in India. I may not be someone who has a big following but I have insight that I invite you to ridicule and debate upon.

So what is this truth matter? Why do people care about it? What is the reason people go crazy for it that they sacrifice their comfortable rich life for living in a cave all alone?

What I am going to tell you is very counter-intuitive but it is true. It is that there is a shift in consciousness when you stop running after “things”. This shift in consciousness is something that cannot be induced. It is something that happpens as a result of stopping running.

So I have told you the mystery behind truth. It is nothing else. Truth/God/Spirit all the same thing. It is that shift in consciousness that creates truth.

Now what do you get when you have that shift in consciousness is something I don’t know much about. Because I am not enlightened. But it is something I feel is important.

Also another important question is how do you stop running after “things”? And the answer is equally confusing. You stop running but stopping running. But if you try to do it, you have already failed.

So I hope you got something out of this blog post. This is something I am deeply passionate about. If you want to know more about this topic then message me in facebook messager (Anirban Saren). Thank you for stopping by.