Connect The Dots Backward And A Quick Update

This post is an update for 27th November 2020. I am Anirban Saren and I am a college student from an Adivasi community with a history of being bullied and caste discrimination and I want to post an update.

My exams are going on and it will be over on 2nd December 2020. I also posted a video about my T-shirt business. I decided that I will take it to another level. I also realized the importance of constant self-improvement.

It was that day before exams that I was feeling confused for some reason. I felt like I was doing something wrong. I felt like I was making a decision that was bound to be wrong. I was about to quit. I was about to quit college and business and live a life avoiding life.

It was that moment, I don’t remember the exact moment but I heard my intuition say,”You can only connect the dots backwards.” It reminded me of Steve Jobs’ words.

It changed everything for me.

I think the reason why people become depressed and suicidal is because they try to see the future as being effected by the past. The truth is the past and the future have one thing that separated one from the other. “The Present Moment”.

And that’s what I want to tell you in this post. I had this realization and I wanted to share it with you.

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Review for Ship of Theseus

How I found Ship of Theseus

I was scrolling through twitter and I can across a tweet about this movie that many people were talking about. So I thought I would watch it. The movie’s name is Ship of Theseus. It is a bollywood movie, more like a feature film, and a talked about “spiritual movie”, which I think it is not.

After I watch the movie, the felt a release of all the emotions that I felt during the period I was watching the movie for. I felt angry, stupid, foolish, happy, inspired, disappointed, and many other emotions. But they I realised that the movie was very intellectualized and some parts seemed too shallow. So I let go of my emotions and a few judgements.

My Comment on YouTube

Here is my review comment on for the movie Ship of Theseus-
“I like this movie. It’s not a masterpiece though. I hated it when the monk said I am not ready to die. I hated it when the grandma told that life is vast but she just intellectualized it. I hated it when the blind girl just sat on the river stuff and looked happy. It seems so utterly stupid. Just fake imagery. But then at the end of the movie they all came together and they watched the documentary which I think I stupid too. But what I loved is that there was a simplicity and mundanenes that is often missing in the box office blockbuster movies. I hated the story because it is just a rumination of someone who thinks about spirituality and is not really conscious of the difference between what looks spiritual and what is spiritual. But I loved the mundaneness of the movie. That’s it. I also think the movie could be much better if it had a more inspirational story. Just trying to make it look spiritual is just plain waste of time. And in the movie spirituality is strongly intellectualized. If the monk would have died as a testament to the idea of anti-animal-slaughtery, it would have been more interesting and inspiring. Thinking about why thinking and mental masturbation is pointless is also a thought, which is just an excuse for not unholding the truth. Socrates’ death is way truer than the fakeness of this movie’s story. Overall it is a likeable movie.”

I would make a more concise review in the future because I would need to watch the movie multiple times to review it in more details.

So what is my suggestion for you?
I would suggest that you watch it and not get attached to your judgements and just observe your reactions. It is important not to be biased. So go watch it here-

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Mysticism Is Good, Not Religion


Why do we hate religion? And what is mysticism?

Religion is the “belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods.”

It is also a weapon of mass destruction, genocide, hate crimes, political power and ego. Would you agree?

It is not our fault that we think of religion in a negative manner but we need to acknowledge that religion used to have some truth to it even if today that’s not the case.

Please let me explain. Religion is not completely beliefs and dogma, it also has mysticism in it which is the only conscious thing about it.


Mysticism is “belief that union with or absorption into the Deity or the absolute, or the spiritual apprehension of knowledge inaccessible to the intellect, may be attained through contemplation and self-surrender.” It is not another religion but it is the subset of every religion. Every genuine religion has it in it.

Mysticism is much better than religion because it is not something one can exploit to further their agenda. It is easy to learn, has immediate benefits for the mind and happiness of the individual.

Think about mysticism like going back to the womb of your mother and basking in the bliss. It is like Maa’s love, it is greater than the love of God, it is connecting to the universal mother. And it is way more powerful and simpler than religion. This means you can be in happiness without having to subscribe to any religion.  Isn’t that great?

“The eye through which I see God is the same eye through which God sees me; my eye and God’s eye are one eye, one seeing, one knowing, one love.”
― Meister EckhartSermons of Meister Eckhart


Mysticism is the solution to the problems that religion has created. All the corruption and “evil” that religion has created can be solved through mysticism.

The only obstacle we stand between the present and the better future of mysticism is our mindset and our lack of self-awareness. To practise mysticism, we all need to become more self-aware. Regardless of that, it stands a higher ground in our development as a human race.

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Observation Is The Most Important Skill

Observation is a Super-Power

Namaste guys! Observation is a super power. Now I can relate to your thinking that it has something to do with experimentation or meditation but that is not at all the case.

Observation is the most important skills to create change in life. The Merriam-Webster dictionary says observe means “to watch carefully especially with attention to details or behavior for the purpose of arriving at a judgment “.

In my opinion, without observation no change lasts forever. If you want to create change in your life, you need to learn to observe. Now why is that the case?

The most important skill

You see when we realize something about ourselves or when we become conscious, we stand a better chance of changing it. We become aware and so we can change.

This is why people start meditation. Meditation creates awareness.

In a sense the function of observation is to create self-awareness. When you become aware of your daily life actions, you will become more self-aware.

Although it is not as easy to observe as it is to say it, it is relatively easier than learning from life’s difficult problems.

Observation is not thinking or judging. It is in the moment.

Why do people observe? To find the truth about something. And unless you know the truth about something how can you change it?

Observing yourself

See most people observe other people and judge them but very few people observe themselves in other to find the truth about themselves.

Being on a constant big picture lookout for what is going on in your life and not judging is a very good way to observe.

By doing this you can really improve your behavior, actions and motivations.

Not a group activity

Observation is not something that you can mastermind in a group meeting. It is a very personal and individual activity.

If other people judge you, then it won’t have as much effect on your change as much as it would have if you observe yourself and then come to a judgement about yourself.

And then you can create a desired change in your life.

You need to be the only compass for your life by developing an inner compass.

It is not about a follow a leader or a group of people or an ideology. It’s about follow yourself, your inner compass. And it starts with observation.

Using observation to build skill

We can build our skills and traits by using observation. I talked about this in my article on journaling.

Just observing your actions or your expressions on a video can create self-awareness.

As Grant Cardone advises to observe your actions during selling but keeping a journal or just video recording yourself can improve your sales skills.

Suppose you want to improve your public speaking skills like me. You can record yourself on video and watch those videos to note down the flaws and mistake in the video.

This can massively improve any skill.

Finding Purpose

You can use observation to find your purpose.

I used to meditate. I started meditation because I wanted to build my confidence. As a result, I became aware of my thoughts and motivations.

It was not easy to realize my own biases and judgements but it was worth my time.

I became more grounded and mentally stronger than before.

But it was not until I followed my dreams to create motivational content that I found a hint to what my purpose in life could be.

Although it was a result of facing the fear of failure that I was able to follow my dreams, meditation or observation had played a big part in this journey.

Observation and Meditation

According to me the goal of meditation is to return to the state zero or the neutral state of feeling blissful. It is from this state that one can stop judgements and just observe oneself.

It is important that you don’t judge yourself.

Don’t follow your thoughts. Instead follow your awareness.

Methods for observation

We cannot learn observation from someone else. But there are way to observe.

Some of them are-

  1. Video recording
  2. Journaling
  3. Meditation
  4. Audio recording

There is no how to observation. If you are asking how that means there is something that you don’t understand about observation.

Although the above is the case, mimicking can be an option to observation. Mimic observation. More on that in a later blog.


In life there are many random things. We create the biggest problems in life by us not understanding the problems or misunderstanding them.

By observation one can find the patterns in life and get an understanding of that aspect of life.

We are already whole, we just need to surrender

We are whole. When we get better we realize that it was only just a bad dream, a nightmare which is now gone and we are safe and sound.

-Author(Anirban S.)

I know that there is nothing wrong with mentally ill persons. We are perfect beings who are created by God. We are whole even when we are suffering. No one can tell us that we have any fault because there is, in fact, no fault in a person who is mentally ill.

My pointis we are perfect beings. We may temporarily feel like we are suffering and that we are stuck and that we are being controlled by outside forces but that’s temporary.

We need to realize that we are whole. We are spiritually whole. We are just not aware of that. If we are can become aware then there would be so much suffering for us.

I have been to a hospital for mentally ill persons. I have stayed with other mentally ill persons who were my age and who were happy and cheerful and we had fun together, we used to play badminton and we were enjoying life.

But beneath the surface, we had serious problems. We were struggling on our own but together it felt as if we were normal. There was no judgement or envy but pure love and acceptance.

We were living and enjoying life.

But there was also a point when I thought I would never get better. That I will always remain mentally ill.

There was however times when I would go out and meet new people and play and make friends. And in those moments I was forced to come out of my mind space and be present in the moment.

Being able to get out of my own self-pitying and self-judgement has been the greatest thing that can help anyone who is depressed about being mentally ill. So we need to encourage that in everyone of us.

So there is defintely hope for recovery. Not just medication, or therapy but play, socialization with good and likeminded people is very important.

We are whole. When we get better we realize that it was only just a bad dream, a nightmare which is now gone and we are safe and sound.

We just need to surrender to the universe and do our duty as we are supposed to.

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