Review for Ship of Theseus

How I found Ship of Theseus

I was scrolling through twitter and I can across a tweet about this movie that many people were talking about. So I thought I would watch it. The movie’s name is Ship of Theseus. It is a bollywood movie, more like a feature film, and a talked about “spiritual movie”, which I think it is not.

After I watch the movie, the felt a release of all the emotions that I felt during the period I was watching the movie for. I felt angry, stupid, foolish, happy, inspired, disappointed, and many other emotions. But they I realised that the movie was very intellectualized and some parts seemed too shallow. So I let go of my emotions and a few judgements.

My Comment on YouTube

Here is my review comment on for the movie Ship of Theseus-
“I like this movie. It’s not a masterpiece though. I hated it when the monk said I am not ready to die. I hated it when the grandma told that life is vast but she just intellectualized it. I hated it when the blind girl just sat on the river stuff and looked happy. It seems so utterly stupid. Just fake imagery. But then at the end of the movie they all came together and they watched the documentary which I think I stupid too. But what I loved is that there was a simplicity and mundanenes that is often missing in the box office blockbuster movies. I hated the story because it is just a rumination of someone who thinks about spirituality and is not really conscious of the difference between what looks spiritual and what is spiritual. But I loved the mundaneness of the movie. That’s it. I also think the movie could be much better if it had a more inspirational story. Just trying to make it look spiritual is just plain waste of time. And in the movie spirituality is strongly intellectualized. If the monk would have died as a testament to the idea of anti-animal-slaughtery, it would have been more interesting and inspiring. Thinking about why thinking and mental masturbation is pointless is also a thought, which is just an excuse for not unholding the truth. Socrates’ death is way truer than the fakeness of this movie’s story. Overall it is a likeable movie.”

I would make a more concise review in the future because I would need to watch the movie multiple times to review it in more details.

So what is my suggestion for you?
I would suggest that you watch it and not get attached to your judgements and just observe your reactions. It is important not to be biased. So go watch it here-

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Please like, share and watch the movie. It will really impact your worldview.

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My Story Of Beliefs

Beliefs : The Earth Is Not A Sphere

Do you hold beliefs like the world is a sphere?

If yes then congrats. You have correctly learnt this belief that is although scientifically proven is still only a belief.

What you need to understand that this belief is not real. It is just a belief, a thought that someone else handed to you.

If you are honest with yourself, you will understand that to really live a full life, you need to disregard beliefs are live from experience.

Experience is more important than beliefs. It is not enough to just belief someone else’s words. For example, if you really distinguish between stuff that you genuinely experienced in life and stuff that you believe, then you will find out that most of what you hold true, is only just a belief.

Watch My Video

So in this video I have shared my story of how I understood that beliefs are not real. Although I said that beliefs are not real, if you believe me in this as well, you are actually believing instead of experiencing. So just watch it and think and experiment with it instead of believing it.

Watch the video and comment what you think about beliefs.

They are false, not real, even if they are scientifically backed, if you don’t experience its truth then it is still just a figment of your imagination, a belief.

What Are Beliefs?

Belief is a strong thought pattern that has emotional charge to it and it governs your worldview, actions, emotions, thoughts, speech, relations.

Most self-help schools think that changing your beliefs is enough to achieve success, but they don’t tell you that the happiness that you truly want cannot be had by changing your beliefs but by being present and annihilating them. It is also common for people to fight over their ideologies and dogma because they are personally identified with them. They think their beliefs are the truth. Most of the time they are about God. Although most people don’t have an experience of God, they will go to great heights to defend their ideas about God. But that just shows how identified they are with their ideas. They also consider them to be the truth.

The solution is not to fight with counter beliefs, which is what philosophy does, but to annihilate them by being present.

The Solution

Being present is what will lead to real happiness and freedom from thoughts. It is the only way to ensure that we don’t hold beliefs are real. To do this we need to practice being present. But that topic is for another blog post.

Right now we need to realize that no belief is real. I already gave you the example of the earth being a sphere as a belief. But there are more of them that need to be looked at and annihilated with your conscious presence.

So watch this video to listen to my story and then comment here what you think beliefs really are?

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Mind: 3 Interesting Things About The Mind

We know that when we walk on a dark path and step on a rope, we would think that we stepped on a snake. Although it is an illusion, it shows us that the mind creates meaning that is not true.

The mind is a meaning creation machine. It is also about you and how you are related to the world. Without the mind there will be no beliefs, thoughts or religion.

The mind has both positive and negative features. But it’s all about how we use the mind. If we use the “bad” features for constructive things, they become less “bad”.

Let’s dive into the 3 interesting things about the mind:

  1. Mind creates meaning
    We already talked about the rope example but the mind’s functions are more complex than that.
    When we meditate, we focus on one thing, but when a though comes up we bring back our focus on the one thing. But when we get lost in the thoughts, most of the time, if not always, the thoughts are about our lives. Not only that but also we are deeply emotional about them. We react to them until we become conscious that we are lost in thoughts.
    Now you may be thinking,”But there are thoughts that are not related to me.” Yes I agree, there are neutral thoughts that seem to not be about us but is it really not about us? What about it is not about us? Every meaning is about us. If 1 plus 1 equals 2, then that may seem like a neutral thought but if we look deeper we find out that the 1+1 does not “equal” 2 but 1+1 means 2 to us. 1+1 means nothing except what it means to us. We created the math “1+1=2” as a way of generalizing and reusing this form of counting in other math operations.
    But even before that counting was invented by man who probably used counting to keep accounts, manage people, craft, travel, etc. Who is this counting for? Man’s convenience.
    Also the learning of counting was also created as a result of avoiding pain and pursuing pleasure when we were a child. If we learnt it we were rewarded, if we did not we were punished.
    What I am trying to say is that the mind was created out of survival and selfish needs. Even every meaning or construct was created out of survival instincts. And what is a survival instinct about? YOU.
    The whole of existence is created out of us, our agenda.
  2. Mind is not important
    Where does creativity come from? Not the mind, somewhere else.
    The mind prevents us from thinking outside the box. Also all problems are created by the mind.
    The mind is not going to help us to become creative. It is also not going to save the world. The world is filled with problems which the mind does not even understand. It is not effective to solve real problems. You may be thinking,”If not the mind, then what?” The answer is something beyond the mind.
    Also problems are created by the mind. The mind puts meaning on everything and that’s the problem. The thing that the mind created is being labeled as a proble by the mind.
    For a minute close your eyes and observe what you are thinking. When thoughts come, ask yourself,”Are those thoughts really thoughts or am I giving them unnecessary meaning?”
  3. Don’t be limited by the mind
    What lies beyond the mind? Love, compassion, God, Being. These seem like abstract words but most of us have experience love. Is it not real? It is more real than what we see, hear and feel. It is not a thought. It is a state of being that the mind cannot create or grasp.
    Also the mind truly can’t understand reality. It can point out by it cannnot define what it truly is. It can use more words and synonyms but those are just words.

There are my key ideas on the mind and why we should not be limited by the mind.

If you liked this blog post, please share and comment, what is the most memorable experience that you had in life that is beyond the mind?

5 Ways To Use A Lockdown To Soul-Search?

I know that a pandemic lockdown comes with many benefits and demerits but it can also be good for the mind and soul. When we don’t have to travel or socialize, a lot of time is created in our day and we often don’t know how to pass time. Many people watch netflix and youtube but it is not always preferred. So some people will be left with spare time thinking about life and soul searching.

I will give you a few ways to soul-search.

First of all, we realize that we have been trying to cover our daily routine with a lot of work and even menial work but when we have no travelling and socializing to do, we become confused about what to do with our spare time. We need to realize that we could use the spare time to self-reflect and introspect and not just cover it up with Netflix.

So let’s start. These are the ways to soul-search-

  1. Reading good books and biographies about inspiring people
    Often in our daily lives we read a lot of informational and career related books but we forget the biographies and books that we genuinely enjoy reading. This pandemic is an opportunity to read great biographies and books we genuinely enjoy reading. This will put us near the mindsets of people who inspire us.
  2. Creating something beneficial and creative
    This is another thing that most of us don’t do when we are living life normally daily. We are sucked in by work but not create something that our inner muse feels great about. We can create blogs, art, experiments, etc. There are numerous creative outlets that we can show our creativity through.
  3. Thinking about our purpose in life
    This is huge. We can think. What could be more obvious than our free time to think about what we want out of life? This is an opportunity to think about what life can give us, what we can give in return, what we are truly capable of. All these questions can be thought about and we can get amazing insights through this questioning.
  4. Spending time alone with our self-
    This is an issue that we all have. Spending time alone is frowned upon in society but with the “social distancing” phenomenon, we are forced to do this and this is a blessing in disguise. I can’t stress it enough. We need to spend more time alone. The only reason why we don’t want to spend time alone is because we think that we will go crazy or think weird stuff if we are alone. We constantly try to escape being alone but that is not the solution. The solution is to be comfortable in your own skin.
  5. Getting to know yourself-
    This is related to the previous point. When we spend time alone, we start to get to know ourselves more. We can literally do a ton to stuff to know ourselves even more by- journaling. It can be tough for some people but when you start doing it you will love it. I personally hava dedicated daily planner that is called “The 10X Daily Planner” and I write my goals, targets, routine, quote of the day and daily successes every day. And it is fun to do it. It put’s me in touch with my deepest desires and keeps me organized and focused.

I can go on with this but that would be a variation and combination about the previous points. So it is not necessary. These are my 5 ways to use a lockdown to soul-search.

Please share this with your family members because most of us are home. If you are not, then share this with your friends as well. And also comment-What is your favourite way of soul-searching? What do you do with your free time?

Beliefs and Ideologies

Can people with different beliefs create the same results? Can they coexist? Can we have a shared reality with different beliefs? I aim to speculate on these questions in this blog post.

I have been observing myself and others through this new paradigm that I stumbled upon. What if everyone is living in their own universe and the laws of metaphysics are different for everyone’s universe because they have different beliefs?

People with different beliefs get the same results although their beliefs are different. A person who beliefs that an aggressive attitude shows results will achieve success with his aggressive attitude as much as the person who believes that smart allocation of resources will get the job done.

Both get the same results- the sale- but their states of beings are different. Both gain confidence in their methods and beliefs but they still hold conflicting beliefs.

Why does this happen? This was an example from business. Can it apply true to spirituality and religion also? Why not?

I know people who are atheists who are as successful as religious people. They may be equally happy. Although their beliefs may be different. Someone believes that they must eat only vegetables because their God said so. Someone else may believe they should be vegetarians because they have empathy towards animals.

So why do we fight for our beliefs? In the end, it’s all the same. The results and outcomes are the same. They don’t have to enrage ideological wars.

Why do we do it? I think it is because we are insecure. Have you seen any secure and confident person fight like chimps for their beliefs? No right?

Therefore we are living in the same universes but with different ideologies.

This was my blog post on beliefs and ideologies. Please share this with your friends and family members!