The Only Real Reason To Live Life For

I wanted to speak about something more philosophical but I realised I am here to be authentic. And here’s a topic that’s authentic to me but also very important to understand. (None of what I wrote is scientifically verified. I am writing what I feel from my point of view.)

The real reason that we need to live for is our capacity to love unconditionally.

I am not referring to the romantic love we seek while searching for a girlfriend or a boyfriend. I am talking about the love that Mother Theresa showed, that Martin Luther King Jr. showed, that Abraham Lincoln showed, that Lord Jesus shows, that makes you inspired on a Saturday night when you decide to change your career because you realise that your entire life is of a sheep living life just to fit in and not living an authentic life.

I find the latest trendy goal setting self-help materials very funny because they want you to create artificial motivations based on money, health, wealth, love, happiness and other temporary things. I say “temporary” because they don’t matter in the long run. They are important but they don’t matter.

What matters is increasing your capacity to love unconditionally. What does this even mean? I am glad you asked. In my experience, I realised that something is love when you want to water it and grow it instead of plucking it like a flower. For example, parents love their children but not all parents love other people’s children like their own children. When they can love other people like they love their own children, I think that is unconditional love.

I know there will be disagreements in some people and it’s alright. Please comment it under this blog post and I will try to reply.

Now not all people are parents. So you must understand that what I mean by the above example is when you can love another being as if he were you, then that is unconditional love.

Empathy is a very important feeling here and it will help you love unconditionally. Self-love is also a very important quality because without it there is no love. Helping others, living your life purpose, being happy, cherishing the little things in life are very important for unconditional love. Also there are many qualities that go into helping you grow your capacity to love unconditionally. Therefore if you want to grow your capacity to love unconditionally, you need to study unconditional love and start growing it through applying what you studied.

Now let me tell you what I think are its benefits-

  1. True happiness
  2. Satisfaction
  3. Feeling like you are doing things that matter(the little things)
  4. True success
  5. Freedom from the mind’s self-created suffering
  6. Wisdom
  7. Connection to God
  8. And many more benefits.

This list is created by me because I feel that in my experience unconditional love has there benefits and more.

So what I want to communicate to you through this blog post is that instead of basing your goals in money or other temporary things, you could base your goals in your capacity to love unconditionally. For example it you think on a scale of 1 to 10 you are 2 at helping animals, then how can you make it a 4 in the next 6 months? Or if you are a 5 at helping people in your workplace, then what will it take to make it a 7?

If you don’t want to replace your money goals then you could at least add unconditional love to the top and money to the second position. Because unconditional love is what matters.

Thank you for reading this blog post. I am writing after a long time and I believe I need to apologise. So I apologise to you all who reads my blog and follows it. I have been busy and distracted for a while and I would love to be back to blogging regularly again. Thanks again for reading and please like and share this blog post. Take care!

Selfishness Is An Illusion

The title says selfishness is an illusion because selfishness is not an act of evil, but it is an act of ignorance. The most selfish act that a person can perform is to remain ignorant. Not knowing is more dangerous than “selfishness”.

There is a reason why selfishness is often looked down upon in society. Although society is itself selfish, it is ignorant of its own ignorance. The reason is mostly religious and related to collective survival. Anyone who is going out in the world only caring for themselves is looked upon as selfish but if that person succeeds and become the top 1% someday he/she will be looked at with admiration by the same people who previously labelled him/her as selfish.

There is nothing selfish about the world. The only selfishness there is is in the subject. Self-reflection will help a person realize that all the evils in the world are in the subject himself.

It’s not about whether the person is out there for everyone, but it is about whether the person is there for the truth. The only thing that matters is the truth.

So, all this time I wrote about how selfishness is an illusion but what is not an illusion? Let’s talk about that. Truth is not an illusion. Truth is the only thing that is true, and it is the antidote to ignorance.

See, the reason we suffer is that we don’t know what we don’t know. It’s ignorance of the truth that keeps us stuck in our old patterns.

The only thing that I can say about the truth is that all is one. This is something I have felt and I believe in it.

Self-knowledge or self-awareness of the truth is the antidote to ignorance or any perceived selfishness. It is not easy to do but it is liberating. Facing the truth is the hardest thing in life and it is also the most necessary and right thing to do.

Truth is very simple. It is the thing that gives you confidence, it is what the greatest human beings have lived on, it is the most powerful thing. And it will liberate you.

Selfishness is not real, it is the truth that is real. Truth is the antidote to ignorance. And me saying that someone is selfish only highlights how selfish I am.

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4 Reasons To Be Open-minded

Why not spiritual? Why not open-minded? Because everyone is at their stage of development and everyone’s circumstances are different. They’re both interrelated.

The reason you are at a certain stage of development is that your circumstances are different and vice-versa. Why is that? It is because all is one.

But there is always a place for the realization that it’s a fabrication of the mind. Your problems are the fabrications of your mind. So if you realize that then you would have a shift in priorities in life. So try to realize that.

You can realize the spiritual but that is not easy. I am not saying that I have realized the spiritual. But I know that it’s a real possibility to realize it.

4 reasons to be more open-minded

Here are 4 reasons for why we need to start to open our minds to the spiritual-

  1. Survival of the Human race- It’s the only way to save the human race from extinction. You may look around you and in the news that the earth is slowly dying. Global warming, pollution, and a threatening possibility of a global nuclear war may lead to us getting extinct. If you think clearly you will realize that we are trying to solve violence with more violence. To stop terrorism with more violence may not be good for our species. We need to raise our consciousness to deal with this problem of our self-destruction.
  2. Your peace of mind– You cannot get peace by getting a better job or having more money or a better partner but you need to raise the level of your consciousness to get real peace of mind. The search for peace in material things is not a fulfilling option.
  3. Your mental health- You would be surprised to know that Gandhiji used to be depressed. So is the case with many great leaders like John F. Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln and Winston Churchill who were in modern terminology mentally ill or mad but they are the greatest human beings that ever existed. The line between insanity and sanity is not really clear. And maybe you have heard the saying that if everyone is wrong about something then that does not make it right. So is the case with mental health. Life is hard and it will make you insane at some point. The question is can you tell if you are insane if you went insane. Think about it and maybe you will realize that raising your level of consciousness is the only sane thing you can do.
  4. The fourth reason is left blank for you to add any number of reasons because even one reason is enough to convince you. The fourth reason is ______________________.


The point of this post is to show you how important open-mindedness is. If you cannot accept the facts like “The is no such thing as insanity or sanity”, then you are not that open-minded. You may think you are open-minded or spiritual but you need to be more open to doing spiritual practices like meditation and other practices.

So this is my blog post on Why mundane? Why not spiritual?

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What do you think about this post on open-mindedness?

7 Reasons Why Conscious Living Is Important

A life lived of choice is a life of conscious action. A life lived of chance is a life of unconscious creation.

– Neale Donald Walsch

Conscious living is one of the most helpful lifestyles one can adopt to be happier and feel more fulfilled. It is the choice that you are the author of your own life and your circumstances will not govern your life’s decisions.


Conscious Living Reasons

There are many reasons-

  1. Be happier- Living consciously will help you live a happier life. How? For example, you will be much happier if you set your goals and achieve them than to not set any goals and achieve other people’s standard of living. This brings me to my next point which is being in control.
  2. Be in control- It is often said in the spiritual field that control is an illusion. But I think control can make you feel more fearless and courageous. Afterall you are in control of your thoughts and body.
  3. Be fearless- Imagine not having social anxiety or being a confident person. Courage is required to live a conscious life and also a conscious life creates courage in you.
  4. Knowing who you are- Who are you? What is your destiny? What is your purpose in life? We often feel like avoiding such questions but they are necessary to ask to live a conscious life. After all, that’s what we are here for- to know and understand ourselves fully. All the money and fame cannot really help you find who you are but living a conscious life can.
  5. Be more spiritual When you live a conscious life you become less materialistic. In this way, you are becoming more spiritual. And also you start valuing authentic and deep things. You feel like you are not just a body or mind but something more. And you see that something more in small things and relationships and moments.
  6. Become more present in the moment You start becoming more mindful and present in the moment and also start realizing the shortness of life. Although you know you are infinite, and that there is no death but you also realize that life is to be lived in the moment and not some distant future.
  7. Be a seeker of the Truth You can become a truly genuine person who values truth and authenticity rather than material and impermanent things. This is the most important reason why you may want to be living a conscious lifestyle because you want to live in alignment with the Truth.


So this is what I want to share with you- 7 reasons why conscious living is important.


We often feel life is boring and that we are simply doing stupid things like gossips and competing. Conscious living will help us overcome such tendencies and live a more fulfilling and happier life. Neale Donald Walsch has nicely said it. A conscious choice is better than leaving our life to chance and this helps us become more actualized beings and also live in alignment with the Truth.


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Why do you want to live a conscious life?

Your True Identity: What am I?

Today I am going to tell you a story. This story is not boring and it will help you live a more conscious life. It is about your true identity.

True Identity

This story is about a boy who discovered personal development early on in life and his life completely transformed. He was naturally drawn to inspiring things and so one day out of curiosity he surfed the internet looking for life advice. He had watched many inspiring videos till now but this one video was special. It was about personal development (which is basically a paradigm and set of tools that we can develop our identity to become what we desire to become) . He was completely blown by the ideas that were being said in the video.

So after a few months of thorough personal development study, he came to understand the who he thought he was is a very flexible “thing”. He grew curious about his own identity. So he again searched the internet for answers. And luckily he got it. The answer was what his true identity was actually the very basis of existence itself. It was infinite, Nothing, inexhaustible. He grew confused. He wanted to understand what he really was.

This story is very rare in our society. I am not saying only a few must have this story. What I mean is it is so rare that we have an invisible taboo towards it. “Why?”, you ask. Because your true identity threatens all your attachments in life. You need to let go of all your attachments to realize this truth about your true nature. It is the realization that will set you free and let you realize God.

Now mind you, it is very easy to misinterpret. Your attachments do not always mean your family, money or your material possessions. It means your ego. You need to let go of your ego to realize this truth.

Why do you need to realize this truth?

There are many reasons.

  1. You are your constant companion– Since you were delivered to this reality you had a constant companion with yourself who was always by your side. You used to share your feeling, views, thoughts, intentions and all things that you possessed with him/her. This companion is you. You are a constant companion of yourself. You have always been by your side. How can you not know the one who have always been by your side?
  2. You are beyond you mind– You are not your mind. If you honestly ask yourself what you are, then you will come across this point where you will question your identity as the mind. It is easy to see that you are not your mind because the contents of the mind can be altered by various psychedelics and substances. Also you can think millions of different thoughts in a day and they change all the time. They are not constant.
  3. You are not your body- You are not your body because your blood cells and skin cells are constantly being replaced. If your had been born without legs or hands, still your consciousness and the “I” would be present. Even with a brain damage or mental illness, the consciousness or the sense of “I” is still present.
  4. You are not a thing– You are not an entity or a thing or an object of perception. This can be proved by the fact that if you could finally come to a point of discovery of “I” as a thing then who is perceiving that “I”? If you look at your hand, you are not your hand but you are perceiving your hand. Now, suppose you are the soul and you saw the soul in you but who is still seeing the soul?


This is the beginning of a whole new reality that is meant for every living being and you. This is in a nutshell self-realization. What are You? What am I? This can be experienced and there are many ways and many religions to do it. There is no one true method and it is everyone’s birthright. This is true success.