Feelings Are Overrated

Have you ever felt that you are living life but there is something missing? It’s not like you are sad or depressed, it’s like something is missing. I feel somewhat like that.

I am Anirban from India and I want to do big things. I am crazy and I like to think. The reason for this blog post is to talk you about phases in life when things feel different even though everything is alright.

Feelings are said to be overrated and I agree. But they are important indicators of what we are doing wrong. And I am a big believer in self-reflection. And I think feelings can help us introspect more effectively.

But I also believe feelings must not come in decision making. I myself fail to live by this idea but I that if I had not listened to my feelings, my life would have been completely different for good. I mean I would not have been able to recognize myself in the mirror.

When I say that I mean feelings play a major role in maintaining a false sense of self. And although it is not true for all situations, I think it is true for more situations.

And that’s why I think the dicotomy between purpose and survival is very confusing. Purpose tends to be emotional and survival tends to be more logical. When I want to make a decision based on thinking through something, I make the mistake of not taking action fast. I mean I tend to ask myself “What’s the purpose behind that?” and then when I start taking action, I am forced by my habits to change my mind to the survival mindset.

I am not perfect and I am trying to figure things out. The easiest way out seems to be just take action. But it’s not easy. As a leader it is important to have fierce belief and a sense of direction but it is not easy to do that when you have collegen and people over your head instructing you to live life their way.

I mean it not easy but I must stay focused.

Right now something feels like it’s missing. Maybe it’s just the mind but I have to take responsibility of that. At the end of the day I am the one who created my life’s circumstances.

I think the thing I want to give to you in this post is that Responsibility is what we must take for everything. Even if it is negative emotions or confusion or other people’s actions, we must take responsibility.

I think you liked this post and if you did not know already, I am Anirban from India, I have an ecommerce business and I am living life for connection to self and others.

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8 Life Lessons From Mental Illness(psychosis)

I had 3 psychotic episodes. And here is what I learned from my struggle with psychosis. 

So you must be knowing about mental illness since someone near you is mentally ill or maybe you are struggling with some form of mental illness. It is terrible. One feels like the very foundation of their inner world is crumbling down. It is a tragic experience.

My psychosis was not something special or something I can brood about but it has taught me many important lessons in life. Some of them I will share with you here.

Few life lessons that I learn from mental illness-

1. Life is valuable- So I learned this when I was in an intense psychotic state where I felt as afraid as one feels when they are drowning in water and hoping to have a few more moments of oxygen left.

I was chanting the mantra “hare rama hare rama/rama rama hare hare/hare krishna hare krishna/krishna krishna hare hare” and that was what was keeping me alive.

I was physically alright but mentally I was surrounded by a cyclone of paradoxical thoughts. The mantra kept me from not being taken away by the cyclone of negative thoughts and I was able to act relatively more normally.

This experience taught me that life is valuable.  This got me outside my mind and made me present and aware of the fact that I have a destiny that requires me to be prepared through experiences like these and be stronger.

2. Live in the present as much as possible- Not being able to be present is what makes most of us suffer. I realized this after reading “The Power Of Now” by Eckhart Tolle.

Once I was present in the moment I felt peaceful. It is the most important thing to be present. To pay attention to what’s real in the present moment is what you will realize is the most valuable use of our time.

3. Synchronicity- is something I realized when I detached myself from the ego and just observed life. It can be misleading to say that synchronicity is just a coincidence. It is not just a coincidence but a meaningful coincidence.

In fact, everything is synchronicity. And cause and effect is an illusion.

4. Trust in myself and a Higher power- It was tough to trust. First of all, I did not trust myself because of all the negative thoughts. Also, I was in a victim mindset. But as I realized that if I don’t trust myself then the negative thoughts will amplify because of my hatred for myself. So I started accepting that I have negative thoughts and that I accept my current state. As I did that I trust started building up and I felt better with the help of medication.

5. Spread Love to all beings- This experience also made me more empathetic towards other people’s suffering. I realized that we are all part of this universe and they are just like me- a human being and a being in this universe who is also trying to survive and thrive.

This realization hit me when at the hospital I saw a kid who was also facing a similar problem like me. He was my age and his mother accompanied him.

The separation that I felt due to my ego was slowly decreasing as I became more empathetic.

6. Enjoy life- Life is short. So enjoy it. That is what I would like to tell anybody who is suffering. There is suffering because we are identified with the mind. There won’t be any suffering if we are able to be present in the moment.

I realized it also when I read “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle.

Psychosis or any other mental illness is not our fault. In fact, it is just like any other illness of an organism. It can be cured. So why waste your life trying to focus on something that is temporary? Instead, focus on enjoying life in the present moment.’

7. Keep balance- There are many neurotic “motivational” videos on the internet. But there are also many demotivating people in this real world. So don’t get stuck up in any one of these things. Focus on what is real in the present moment and keep balance.

8. Follow your Intuition- Follow your inner God. Follow what is true for yourself. Not in a selfish lower consciousness manner but in a much higher conscious light.

Put your hand on your heart and ask yourself out loud “My heart says” and then say what your heart wants to say. The first thing that comes out of your mouth without thinking is what is your intuition communicating with you. If it makes you feel calm and peaceful then definitely it’s what your intuition is saying.

Without intuition one is lost and carried out by the mind. So follow your intuition.

So how did I recover from psychosis? With the help of medication and all that I could do with my heart and soul. Some of those things I have written above.

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What Is Right? Self-righteousness Enlightened

We get stuck on what or who is right on topics like politics,business and other serious practical fields. But the most stuck we get in spirituality. We have some many conflicts in religion, spiritual ideas, spiritual schools,etc. We know that these fights are futile when we observe it in others. But when we ourselves fight, deep down think that our ideology is the”right” one. We have a bias towards ourselves. And its all in the name of self-righteousness.

Self-righteousness, also referred to as sanctimoniousnesssententiousness, or a holier-than-thou attitude, is a sense of smug moral superiority derived from a belief that one’s knowledge, will, actions, or affiliations are innately more virtuous than those of others.


So there is a strong opinion is society or a dominating belief or rather many dominating beliefs always about something or the other topic. The problem is not that they have a wrong belief. But the problem is that they have belief.

Self-righteousness is a game of whose beliefs have an upper hand is their own heads. And this makes it even more serious because everyone is a grenade walking around to be triggered by some or the other stimuli. And the most unconscious the person the more the danger of triggering their ego.

Devdutt Patanaik says it very elegantly.

“What the person, who knows the truth, will speak, will not be understood by the person who does not know the truth.”

-Devdutt Pattanaik

The thing is everyone knows a small piece of the puzzle and but just because one knows a piece of the puzzle does not mean that their worldview is superior to others.

Is it really important to be right? Is it really important to respect your ego so much? Is self-respect and self-important so important? Especially for spiritual people?

I feel like the answer is NO. The ego wants to protect itself by attaching itself with the ideology and self-righteous beliefs.

In fact one can learn to use this self-protection as an opportunity to observe onself and become more self-aware by observing the attachment to the ideas and beliefs. So let us all think through this problem of self-righteousness and become more observant of ourselves. Don’t try to resist the impulse of self-righteousness but just observe and the impulse will automatically stop.

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How To Know If You Are Attached To Your Beliefs

A thought is harmless unless we believe it. It’s not our thoughts, but our attachment to our thoughts, that causes suffering. Attaching to a thought means believing that it’s true, without inquiring. A belief is a thought that we’ve been attaching to, often for years.

-Byron Katie

Attachment to ideas and beliefs in the name of spirituality is indeed not a healthy sign of a spiritual person.

Be a spiritual person in practice. By living in the present moment.

It’s very important to remember that spirituality is not about belief but about practice and experience. It’s is not a belief but a way of living.

So why is attachment to beliefs not a healthy sign of a spiritual person?

Observer how you feel when your beliefs are threatened. Is that how you want to feel? I know it does not feel good. In fact it creates more lower conscious behaviour like quarrels and fights with other people or simply negative self-talk.

So how to know if your are attached to your beliefs?

  1. Identify your beliefs- If it’s a belief then you are attached to it. By definition beliefs are thoughts that we are attached to. So every belief is an attachment.
  2. Talk to people- Socialise. Talk to people. Talk to your friends, family about spirituality or your field of interest and if you are getting frustrated or angry, then you will know if you are attached to your beliefs.
  3. Observer how you feel on a day to day basis- Your feelings and emotions speak about your inner world. If you feel negative emotions then most probably it’s because you have attachments to beliefs.

So if you decide not to suffer and you want to feel good and live a good life then you need to be detached. And being detached will save you from suffering in life.

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What Is Spirituality?

Spirituality is much wider than any particular religion, and in the larger ideas of it that are now coming on us even the greatest religion becomes no more than a broad sect or branch of the one universal religion, by which we shall understand in the future man’s seeking for the eternal, the divine, the greater self, the source of unity and his attempt to arrive at some equation, some increasing approximation of the values of human life with the eternal and the divine values.

-Sri Aurobindo in The Renaissance in India (1918)

What is Spirituality?


  1. relating to deep feelings and beliefsespecially religious beliefs
  2. of or relating to the inner character of a person
  3. kind of religious songoriginally developed by African-Americans


  1. the quality that involves deep feelings and beliefs of a religious naturerather than thephysical parts of life

For most the definition is like-

  1. a way of thinking and living that is centered around higher consciousness.

Now my definition is neither of them.

I define Spirituality are the science of the spirit. I feel that spirituality is a way of experiencing life in the present moment. I also feel that it is not a belief. In fact it is a feeling and a intuitive understanding of the world in a more holistic way.  It is a way of living life in harmony with the universe and other beings. It is the way of the seeker. It is the way of the all accepting and all inclusive Truth where Truth is consciously felt and lived by the spiritual being.

It may sound illogical but what is logical. Existence is not logical,life is not logical and in fact logic is not logical. One needs to feel what spirituality means to understand it. It may be said that one need to develop  the intuition to understand spirituality.

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