The Only Real Reason To Live Life For

I wanted to speak about something more philosophical but I realised I am here to be authentic. And here’s a topic that’s authentic to me but also very important to understand. (None of what I wrote is scientifically verified. I am writing what I feel from my point of view.)

The real reason that we need to live for is our capacity to love unconditionally.

I am not referring to the romantic love we seek while searching for a girlfriend or a boyfriend. I am talking about the love that Mother Theresa showed, that Martin Luther King Jr. showed, that Abraham Lincoln showed, that Lord Jesus shows, that makes you inspired on a Saturday night when you decide to change your career because you realise that your entire life is of a sheep living life just to fit in and not living an authentic life.

I find the latest trendy goal setting self-help materials very funny because they want you to create artificial motivations based on money, health, wealth, love, happiness and other temporary things. I say “temporary” because they don’t matter in the long run. They are important but they don’t matter.

What matters is increasing your capacity to love unconditionally. What does this even mean? I am glad you asked. In my experience, I realised that something is love when you want to water it and grow it instead of plucking it like a flower. For example, parents love their children but not all parents love other people’s children like their own children. When they can love other people like they love their own children, I think that is unconditional love.

I know there will be disagreements in some people and it’s alright. Please comment it under this blog post and I will try to reply.

Now not all people are parents. So you must understand that what I mean by the above example is when you can love another being as if he were you, then that is unconditional love.

Empathy is a very important feeling here and it will help you love unconditionally. Self-love is also a very important quality because without it there is no love. Helping others, living your life purpose, being happy, cherishing the little things in life are very important for unconditional love. Also there are many qualities that go into helping you grow your capacity to love unconditionally. Therefore if you want to grow your capacity to love unconditionally, you need to study unconditional love and start growing it through applying what you studied.

Now let me tell you what I think are its benefits-

  1. True happiness
  2. Satisfaction
  3. Feeling like you are doing things that matter(the little things)
  4. True success
  5. Freedom from the mind’s self-created suffering
  6. Wisdom
  7. Connection to God
  8. And many more benefits.

This list is created by me because I feel that in my experience unconditional love has there benefits and more.

So what I want to communicate to you through this blog post is that instead of basing your goals in money or other temporary things, you could base your goals in your capacity to love unconditionally. For example it you think on a scale of 1 to 10 you are 2 at helping animals, then how can you make it a 4 in the next 6 months? Or if you are a 5 at helping people in your workplace, then what will it take to make it a 7?

If you don’t want to replace your money goals then you could at least add unconditional love to the top and money to the second position. Because unconditional love is what matters.

Thank you for reading this blog post. I am writing after a long time and I believe I need to apologise. So I apologise to you all who reads my blog and follows it. I have been busy and distracted for a while and I would love to be back to blogging regularly again. Thanks again for reading and please like and share this blog post. Take care!

3 Interesting Requirements Of Self-improvement

What could I possibly gain from personal development? Why is it considered so important? It sounds like I will be made to read lots of books and act in a robotic manner.

This is not the truth. What I used to think about self-improvement is something that is the shallow self-improvement tips that we read in new blogs. The truth is much deeper.

Self-improvement is a practice where one becomes aware of his/her shortcomings and changes then at deep consciousness levels. It is one of the most difficult things to do.

Self-improvement is the only way to take control of your life. We know that the only thing we can control in life is how we respond to life’s situations, we are a product of our life’s decisions. So we can control only our lives and our choices.

How can self-improvement help you? First of all reading books is important for self-improvement. Second, practice is mandatory. And getting results should be seen as the measuring factor for self-improvement.

  • Reading is important. It is something that we all have learnt. Since most self-help books are written in English it is sometimes hard to read them for anyone who is comfortable in other languages. But until those books are translated or a big tech giant like Microsoft invests a book translation device, we have to compromise.
  • Practising the things we learn in those books are very important. This will keep us grounded in reality and let us use the information in those books more effectively. For example, the book Think and Grow Rich talks about burning desire to get success, but if one does not practice them in life, then one will not be able to get what one wants.
  • Getting results or winning is the goal of self-improve. No? Beware of anyone who tells you that self-improvement is a hobby. It is not. It is a duty and an obligation for achieving results that matter. For this we need to repeatedly ask ourselves – Did I get results? Did I achieve results that matter?

Without these three things self-improvement is not self-improvement, it becomes a delusion. Although most people want to earn money and live a comfortable life, you can choose to live a life more meaningful than money and comfort. So choose and choose fast.

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How Does Mysticism Work?

Define Mysticism

“Mysticism is the belief that people can directly experience God or true reality, rather than through books, ritual or other people. People who practice this are called mystics.”

A few examples of great mystics were are Swami Vivekananda, Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and Sri Aurobindo.

The best way to understand something is to look at great people who have already understood it and have lived life accordingly.

Learning from Great Mystics

So to understand mysticism, we will look at some great mystics.

“Can you weep for Him with intense longing of heart? Men shed a jugful of tears for the sake of their children, for their wives, or for money. But who weeps for God? So long as the child remains engrossed with its toys, the mother looks after her cooking and other household duties. But when the child no longer relishes the toys, it throws them aside and yells for its mother. Then the mother takes the rice-pot down from the hearth, runs in haste, and takes the child in her arms.”

Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa
(Dakshineshwar 1884)

This I read in The Gospel of Ramakrishna. I mean there will be a day in our lives when we will be alone, and the only place to look for a home will be within us and our hearts. Sri Ramakrishna was divinity manifested on Earth. Such devotion and such persistence is clearly rare.

I would like to share with you an insight that I had. It is about the existence of truth. Personally, I don’t think God is an old bearded all-powerful being. I think God is truth. And the truth is the only thing that is true in this world. But to whom is it true? Swami Vivekananda has said, “He is an atheist who does not believe in himself. The old religions said that he was an atheist who did not believe in God. The new religion says that he is an atheist who does not believe in himself.” What I realised is that truth is true for everyone. No one can deny the truth. They may deny the existence of God but they can’t deny the truth. And mysticism is about realising that truth directly. And anyone can do mysticism. They must have the courage to face the truth.


So please comment if you agree or disagree with this point of view. And share it with your family members and friends.

Mysticism Is Good, Not Religion


Why do we hate religion? And what is mysticism?

Religion is the “belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods.”

It is also a weapon of mass destruction, genocide, hate crimes, political power and ego. Would you agree?

It is not our fault that we think of religion in a negative manner but we need to acknowledge that religion used to have some truth to it even if today that’s not the case.

Please let me explain. Religion is not completely beliefs and dogma, it also has mysticism in it which is the only conscious thing about it.


Mysticism is “belief that union with or absorption into the Deity or the absolute, or the spiritual apprehension of knowledge inaccessible to the intellect, may be attained through contemplation and self-surrender.” It is not another religion but it is the subset of every religion. Every genuine religion has it in it.

Mysticism is much better than religion because it is not something one can exploit to further their agenda. It is easy to learn, has immediate benefits for the mind and happiness of the individual.

Think about mysticism like going back to the womb of your mother and basking in the bliss. It is like Maa’s love, it is greater than the love of God, it is connecting to the universal mother. And it is way more powerful and simpler than religion. This means you can be in happiness without having to subscribe to any religion.  Isn’t that great?

“The eye through which I see God is the same eye through which God sees me; my eye and God’s eye are one eye, one seeing, one knowing, one love.”
― Meister EckhartSermons of Meister Eckhart


Mysticism is the solution to the problems that religion has created. All the corruption and “evil” that religion has created can be solved through mysticism.

The only obstacle we stand between the present and the better future of mysticism is our mindset and our lack of self-awareness. To practise mysticism, we all need to become more self-aware. Regardless of that, it stands a higher ground in our development as a human race.

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How To Increase Self-esteem?


The book “The Six Pillars of Self-esteem” is a very good one but I don’t think it’s enough. So I am writing this blog post to explain why it is not enough and how we can solve the problem of low self-esteem.

So the reason why the book is not enough is that it focuses too much on written exercise and talks about the importance of self-esteem but does not give a clear reason why you must work on your self-esteem. Also, the fact that the book is about self-esteem is not appropriate for someone who thinks they need to increase their self-esteem because in reality focusing on self-esteem only creates frustration. Instead, the focus should be to change the thoughts and actions of the individual concerned.

For example, if I want to increase my self-esteem but I just do the exercises and go on living life the way that I used to lead my life, then I will not see any remarkable change in my life because the attempt to increase self-esteem was very superficial. It was not enough to create a shift in the person’s mindset and actions. A more powerful approach to achieve the same goal could be to give ways to increase the productivity level of the individual which will increase the individual’s confidence.

I would like to use Grant Cardone’s philosophy of the 10X Rule which is a book written by him. He says “This is the focus of the 10X Rule: You must set targets that are 10 times what you think you want and then do 10 times what you think it will take to accomplish those targets. Massive thoughts must be followed by massive actions.” Now, this is a very radical concept. It’s about 10 times everything. And it is something I realized that we all are using unconsciously in our lives. Every time someone achieves some success, the reason behind that success is that he/she had put 10 times the effort with 10 times the thinking into what he/she wanted. This is very relevant to self-esteem because unless you follow the 10X Rule, you can’t get true self-esteem or confidence in yourself for the long term.

Ways to Increase Self-esteem

  1. Take time to have fun and enjoy life
  2. Get honest with yourself
  3. Act at 10 times greater
  4. Think at 10 times higher
  5. Succeed

My favourite steps to increase self-esteem are:

  1. Take time to have fun and enjoy life

    Life is a playground where the rules change as we progress. But regardless of the rules, it’s still a playground where we need to have fun to be happy. You can call it self-expression, success, love, passion, etc. but still it is something we need to have fun with. Without having fun, there is no point in success. Without happiness, there is no meaning in life. And also there is no self-esteem without happiness, playing and having fun.

    I remember whenever I feel a lack of self-esteem I would do something that I was passionate about and that I had fun doing. And I know it works because it works every time for me.

  2. Get Honest with Yourself

    This is the most important part of the process or way to increase self-esteem. If you are not honest about where you are in life and what you are doing now, then you can’t get what you want. Getting honest with yourself is very important because if you are clear about your life’s facts then you plan and start acting towards achieving your goals. This builds huge self-esteem in you and gives you the clarity to ignore the distractions and impermanence of life.

  3. Act at 10 times greater

    This is important if you are following your dreams but are not motivated and emotional stress. If you just apply this mindset in practice then you can ensure your success in what you are trying to achieve anything in life. Why I say this is because as Tony Robbins tweeted on 25th October 2016,”Most people overestimate what they can do in a year and they underestimate what they can do in two or three decades.” I absolutely agree with this and I am sure you would agree too.
    Just think about it, if you think you can double your income in 1 year, you may feel excited and even motivated. But if we ask you to project your growth in the next 5 years then like most of us you may not be able to come up with a solid number. It’s just not the way we are taught to think in society.

    Acting at quantities that are 10 times will increase self-esteem. Because it is through action that you can experiment with life and get feedback about what works for you.

  4. Think at 10 times higher

    If acting at 10 times the level you think is required is tails in a coin, then the heads is thinking at 10 times the level you think is required. Why is it so? Now I will ask you to do a thought experiment with me. What if I succeed at earning double my income? What will happen? How would I feel? For me, I will feel temporarily happier but then everything goes back to “normal”. Why is that? It’s because of the goal that I had was reasonable and attainable. Hold on. Are we not supposed to set attainable goals? The answer is NO.

    As Grant Cardone says that you must set unreasonable and huge goals. And he also gives the steps to how to achieve them but we will discuss that in a later blog post. For now, let me explain to you why is that so. When you set reasonable and attainable goals then you set yourself up for a meaningless success. It’s not about the external objective success. It’s about growth and meaning. We don’t generally find meaning in getting paid double. I bet you can’t go on succeeding with setting attainable goals because the meaning is missing. Now if you aim for a number or a cause that is beyond your own needs then you are fueled by purpose and meaning. When you attain that goal or even if you fail to attain it, you will still feel much better than when you had achieved the previous attainable goal.

    Just imagine if you have a goal that is not meaningful and if you achieved it, will it increase your self-esteem?

  5. Succeed

    This is important. If you are failing and not growing, then honestly you are deceiving yourself. Although failing teaches us many things, success teaches us more. Personally failing did not teach me much but success taught me a lot. If you follow all the other steps but are not succeeding, then you need to really introspect and start learning, experimenting, performing, struggling and thriving, as said by Jay Shetty in one of his podcasts The 5 levels of growth that you can’t skip.

    Although success is different for everyone, it is not something you lie to yourself about. If you do lie then it will inevitably affect your self-esteem in a negative manner.


This is my ways to increase self-esteem, my dear reader. These ways don’t work unless you do as said by a great person. Self-esteem is not something that is an option, it is a need. It is something that you cannot skip and you must realize your self-worth through these ways in order to increase self-esteem.

So please tell me what would you do if you don’t feel confident and lack self-esteem. Share this post with your friends and family members and help them increase their self-esteem.