The Only Real Reason To Live Life For

I wanted to speak about something more philosophical but I realised I am here to be authentic. And here’s a topic that’s authentic to me but also very important to understand. (None of what I wrote is scientifically verified. I am writing what I feel from my point of view.)

The real reason that we need to live for is our capacity to love unconditionally.

I am not referring to the romantic love we seek while searching for a girlfriend or a boyfriend. I am talking about the love that Mother Theresa showed, that Martin Luther King Jr. showed, that Abraham Lincoln showed, that Lord Jesus shows, that makes you inspired on a Saturday night when you decide to change your career because you realise that your entire life is of a sheep living life just to fit in and not living an authentic life.

I find the latest trendy goal setting self-help materials very funny because they want you to create artificial motivations based on money, health, wealth, love, happiness and other temporary things. I say “temporary” because they don’t matter in the long run. They are important but they don’t matter.

What matters is increasing your capacity to love unconditionally. What does this even mean? I am glad you asked. In my experience, I realised that something is love when you want to water it and grow it instead of plucking it like a flower. For example, parents love their children but not all parents love other people’s children like their own children. When they can love other people like they love their own children, I think that is unconditional love.

I know there will be disagreements in some people and it’s alright. Please comment it under this blog post and I will try to reply.

Now not all people are parents. So you must understand that what I mean by the above example is when you can love another being as if he were you, then that is unconditional love.

Empathy is a very important feeling here and it will help you love unconditionally. Self-love is also a very important quality because without it there is no love. Helping others, living your life purpose, being happy, cherishing the little things in life are very important for unconditional love. Also there are many qualities that go into helping you grow your capacity to love unconditionally. Therefore if you want to grow your capacity to love unconditionally, you need to study unconditional love and start growing it through applying what you studied.

Now let me tell you what I think are its benefits-

  1. True happiness
  2. Satisfaction
  3. Feeling like you are doing things that matter(the little things)
  4. True success
  5. Freedom from the mind’s self-created suffering
  6. Wisdom
  7. Connection to God
  8. And many more benefits.

This list is created by me because I feel that in my experience unconditional love has there benefits and more.

So what I want to communicate to you through this blog post is that instead of basing your goals in money or other temporary things, you could base your goals in your capacity to love unconditionally. For example it you think on a scale of 1 to 10 you are 2 at helping animals, then how can you make it a 4 in the next 6 months? Or if you are a 5 at helping people in your workplace, then what will it take to make it a 7?

If you don’t want to replace your money goals then you could at least add unconditional love to the top and money to the second position. Because unconditional love is what matters.

Thank you for reading this blog post. I am writing after a long time and I believe I need to apologise. So I apologise to you all who reads my blog and follows it. I have been busy and distracted for a while and I would love to be back to blogging regularly again. Thanks again for reading and please like and share this blog post. Take care!

Karma Yoga: A Real 10X Guide

Karma Yoga is a way to liberation through living life as a householder. Karma means action and Yoga means union. But very few know how it works. It is easy to accept that Karma Yoga is a way to liberation. It is difficult to keep your mind focused on the real goal- Truth. So I want to share with you my ideas about Karma Yoga.

Most of us had a moment in life when we inquired about truth and the meaning of life. And our friends and family members told us that we know truth only through life’s experiences. Well, it is easy to say that but that is the most difficult thing to do among all other spiritual ways.

Karma Yoga aims at “do your duty and stay detached from the expectations of the fruits of our actions”. But are we doing it?

See most of us start with that goal in mind but soon forget about it. I will show you how you can be on your way to truth back again and have a solid foundation of doing Karma Yoga.

These are some things that you must follow to do Karma Yoga-

1. Truth is the goal- Remember that your life’s goal is the truth. You live for truth and you die for the truth. But you must have a desire and obsession for the truth greater than your desire for anything else. You must be able to say yes to losing everything to know the truth. Admit it.

2. Be clear about you “duty” and commit- In Karma Yoga, we see duty as the holy grail of decisions. So you must be very clear on what your duty or means of attaining truth is. For example, you run your business and you like to help people. Then your duty is to help people through your business to know the truth. And then you must commit to your duty.

3. 10X Everything*– Set 10X the goals required and act 10X the actions required. Do this with anything you want to get. This is because this frees you from the scarcity and survival mindset. It connects you to a higher purpose.

4. Be self-aware- Always see if you did anything wrong. Keep the ego away. Humility is the enemy of ego. Always try to be self-aware and notice your fault instead of point out anyone else’s faults.

5. Be of service- Serve humanity more than you serve God. Swami Vivekananda said, “Where can we go to find God if we cannot see him in our own hearts and in every living being.”

Although this is not simple to put in action, I try to do my best to do it. I have learnt a great deal about myself and my self-awareness has also increased a lot. If you follow the points I said then you will also be able to raise your awareness.

*A quick note: 10X means 10 times to goals and 10 times the actions and hard work. This will ensure that you aim for the stars and land on the moon. More on this on another blog post.

A few things keep in mind would be-

1. Do not let your ego control your decisions- Ego will put you off track and stop you from knowing the truth. Whenever you see anything egotistical about yourself, ground yourself in self-awareness.

2. Do not let illusions of self-awareness fool you- We cannot measure self-awareness. Our inner peace, integrity, compassion and humility indicates our self-awareness levels.

3. Do not neglect success- Success and money are important. In his book Karma Yoga, Swami Vivekananda said that you must make it your duty to provide for your family. Without that you are nothing. So you must make your duty clear and pursue success instead of thinking you can rest.

4. Do 10X your duty and make others happy- Do extra service, extra help, be extra energetic and live life to the fullest. Truth is not serious, it is very simple and loving.

So this is what I have to say about Karma Yoga.

Swami Vivekananda said,”He is an atheist who does not believe in himself. The old religions said that he was an atheist who did not believe in God. The new religion says that he is an atheist who does not believe in himself.”

So believe in yourself. This is also because the truth is in who you are. In spirituality, they ask “who am I?” So your authentic self is the answer.

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Beliefs: Degree and Scale

We all have polarized opinions that something or someone is good or evil. But most of the time those are not completely accurate. When we realize the truth then there is a lot of grey area. There are degrees of good/bad and different scales depending on the context of the matter.

It is not easy to always see the grey area. It is a sign of a mature mind who can understand the wisdom behind everyday phenomena. And if a person knows how to see the grey and still make good decisions in life, we may know him as a great leader in the future.

What is a grey area?

It is an understanding that people or things are not completely good or evil or both. They are as they are and their impact in our lives both comes with “good” and “bad” consequences. For example, if we try to know the truth about whether “people are bad”. It is sometimes true and sometimes not. There is no universal version of it for all people in all circumstances. Let’s reframe it. We begin with defining what “people” means here. Of course, it depends on the person saying the statement. To me, “people” may mean people at night clubs because I spend most of the time there with a job I hate. But to my friend Kabir, “people” may mean people at his office and his boss because he hates his job. So for everyone “people” has a different meaning. To me, people at night clubs may be bad and to Kabir people at his office are bad. So we cannot make it into a universal truth for all humans in the world.

Now the concept of degree and scale is like rows and columns in a table. Every value at different combinations of the two has a different value. It is like the Celsius degree of 37 degrees. 37 degrees in Celsius is not the same as 37 degrees in Fahrenheit. For example, a person with low emotional intelligence(EQ) has a problem with people at night clubs. Then the low EQ is the degree and the context of nigh clubs is the scale.

“Why are you trying to tell me this simple stuff in this complicated manner, Anirban?”, you may be thinking. This system will improve your understanding of your beliefs, decisions and life.

How do I use the grey area concept for challenging my false beliefs?

Your beliefs are something you hold as the truth. But we base most of them on misperception or partial perception. For example, you experienced bullying in school for being a certain way. That’s why you are holding a belief that people will bully you if you are that way and you believe that “people are bad”. But that is not the truth. What you can do is to use the grey area concept for solving this problem.

You do this by reframing and putting things in its proper context. The degree and scale model makes it easier to do that. All you have to do is-

Degree: the thinking of as if people will bully you.

Scale: the context of your limited perspective of the feeling of threat from people.

Then you can change your beliefs with appropriate actions. I will discuss that in another blog post.

How can I distinguish degree from the scale?

It is very simple to do so.

Degree- You can ask yourself “To what degree is the statement true?” and then the answer that you get is the degree.

Scale- You can ask yourself, “At what scale is the statement true?” and then the answer that you get is the scale.

This is a new system that I came up with. I hope you will find it helpful.

Please comment on what results you got from this system and did you understand and like it? Also share this blog post with all your friends and family members or anyone who will find it useful.

3 Interesting Requirements Of Self-improvement

What could I possibly gain from personal development? Why is it considered so important? It sounds like I will be made to read lots of books and act in a robotic manner.

This is not the truth. What I used to think about self-improvement is something that is the shallow self-improvement tips that we read in new blogs. The truth is much deeper.

Self-improvement is a practice where one becomes aware of his/her shortcomings and changes then at deep consciousness levels. It is one of the most difficult things to do.

Self-improvement is the only way to take control of your life. We know that the only thing we can control in life is how we respond to life’s situations, we are a product of our life’s decisions. So we can control only our lives and our choices.

How can self-improvement help you? First of all reading books is important for self-improvement. Second, practice is mandatory. And getting results should be seen as the measuring factor for self-improvement.

  • Reading is important. It is something that we all have learnt. Since most self-help books are written in English it is sometimes hard to read them for anyone who is comfortable in other languages. But until those books are translated or a big tech giant like Microsoft invests a book translation device, we have to compromise.
  • Practising the things we learn in those books are very important. This will keep us grounded in reality and let us use the information in those books more effectively. For example, the book Think and Grow Rich talks about burning desire to get success, but if one does not practice them in life, then one will not be able to get what one wants.
  • Getting results or winning is the goal of self-improve. No? Beware of anyone who tells you that self-improvement is a hobby. It is not. It is a duty and an obligation for achieving results that matter. For this we need to repeatedly ask ourselves – Did I get results? Did I achieve results that matter?

Without these three things self-improvement is not self-improvement, it becomes a delusion. Although most people want to earn money and live a comfortable life, you can choose to live a life more meaningful than money and comfort. So choose and choose fast.

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Self-improvement: A Power Tool

Self-improvement is not a selfish act. It is a selfless act that improves the whole of humanity. Now the definition of self-improvement is also important to understand.

the act or process of improving oneself by one’s own actions

From <>

But it is not complete. There are many aspects of self-improvement – success, the law of attraction, meditation, positive psychology and so on. But the underlying motive for self-improvement is the same- hunger. Hunger for contribution, feeling good about oneself and creation itself are some of the major motivations for self-improvement.

I am very much disappointed by the meaning of what a self-improvement junkie is shown in society. A self-improvement junkie is not someone who is dabbling through a lot of books and who is constantly telling everyone of how perfect he/she is. It is actually quite opposite of that.

A self-improvement junkie is a person who has started his journey to master himself. It is what philosophy aims to do, but today we name it as self-improvement. And this is actually a journey where the destination is never fully reached. It is something that we do for our whole life.

Swami Vivekananda was an enlightened person who said that

Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in man

From <>

Now, why does one need self-improvement even after enlightenment or self-realization? It is because they are two different things.

Self-improvement is when you are in the game of life and enlightenment is after you have realized that life is a game.

So it is something that we need to remember. But although most of us don’t know or don’t have the motivation to know the truth, it is something that is different from self-improvement.

Most people think that self-improvement has something to do with business but that is not the case. It is independent of anything that has to do with life. When we do self-improvement, we are improving life itself. We are “becoming a better version of who we are”.

It is also something we should not take for granted. Being such a powerful tool, self-improvement can change your life. And if you do it write then it may change your family member’s lives or your friends’ lives.

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